What is route optimization?


According to one estimate, Americans waste more than 65 billion dollars a year sitting in traffic. Say you want to go to your grocery store, your bank then the Target store.  Did you know there are 6 different routes you can take? In fact, as the number of stops increases the numbers of possible routes go up exponentially. For 4 stops, there can be 24 routes and for 5 stops, there can be 120 different routes! The goal of TrackRoad.com is to cut your travel distance and travel time. Less distance traveled means less fuel burned, reduced gas emission in the air, reduced tear/wear on your vehicle, reduced probability of accident and reduced insurance cost--not to mention customer efficiency and going home early.  The savings can be huge.

An efficient routing system is an indispensible tool for any route. Manually routing your fleet even on a small scale is out of the realm of human capacity and is best left to computers. Consider the following route for one driver and 4 stops:

Not Optimized

It is clear to see when the above route is optimized there is a difference of over 35 miles in the route.  Now take this and multiply it by the number of routes and drivers you may have in a single day and the difference becomes even more visible.


When there are multiple vehicles, route optimization is only one piece of the puzzle.  The second piece is automatically dispatching the stops to the right vehicle.  TrackRoad.com not only optimizes routes but before that it assigns them to the best matched vehicles.  To see how this works, let's add VEHICLE 2 to the above route.

Our built-in logic can tackle some of the most difficult tasks in vehicle routing from single depot (a warehouse) to geographically dispersed routing scenarios. Also, each vehicle has start location as well as an optional finish location so that all its stops can be fitted into the best possible route.

In short, TrackRoad.com examines your stops and vehicles, decides which is the best possible scenario, then assigns route to each vehicle based on several factors like quickest route, average speed of vehicle, load capacity, weight, max. stops, etc.  Every route is optimized for minimized time. Pretty cool stuff!

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