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  The following applies only if you have more than one vehicle in your fleet.  If you have only one vehicle (you are the only driver) there is no need for dispatching (all stops are assigned to a single vehicle).  See also  managing your routes better
What is intelligent dispatching?
  When there is more than one vehicle, TrackRoad can intelligently assign each stop to the most eligible vehicle.  The eligibility is determined by several factors such as distance, delivery time window, vehicle's capacity, pre-assigned locations and other variables.  Vehicle routing is a computationally complex problem.  TrackRoad hides the complexity and helps you concentrate on your task. The only thing you need to know is which dispatching mode fits your situation.
What is the best dispatching mode?
  Depending on the situation and the vehicle's start/finish locations we can use different dispatching mode.  If you are not sure, just leave mode on Auto and TrackRoad will find best mode.  Image below is a great example on how the stops were distributed among two drivers in the Houston area.  Note, the vehicle to the north gets those locations in the north.  And vehicle in the south gets those closest.

Besides Auto, the two most popular modes are Equal Distance and MultipleRegion.

  • Use Equal Distance(central) mode if all of your vehicles start from the same exact location such as a warehouse or a single depot
  • Use MultipleRegion mode if you have vehicles that are geographically dispersed
Equal Distance for central pickup & delivery  
MultipleRegion when vehicles are scattered in several regions  
SingleRegion  vehicles start from same location and visit same area